Mountain Dew - Flat soda

My son and i are mountain Dew drinkers . The last few time the sida tasted bad . But from now on i will be checking the date on your product.
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Mountain Dew - Why cold drinks higher then hot drinks

I stay in Tuscaloosa Alabama i go to coner store every day iam a mountain dew lover they charge me $2.17 for a hot 2 litter but charge me $2.50 for a cold one this is the olny store that dose this do me they said its the company doing it but why they dont come to store cold
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I've been an on again, off again drinker of MD since high school going back more than 20 years. What I loved about it is that it had a distinctive flavor that set it apart from all the other citrus-flavored soft drinks. It also had an interesting kick to it that I...
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I didn't like
  • Soapy aftertaste
  • Changed formula
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